About Sue Steege

Susan Steege

  • I am the originator of this blog…it is connected with Transformation Ministries at First Trinity Lutheran Church, Tonawanda, NY.
  • My profession is Director of Christian Education (DCE)
  • My title is Director of Transformation Ministries at First Trinity. It means I am responsible for leading a team of staff and volunteers in the areas of Christian Education and discipleship for all ages. Think: “help people grow in their walk with Jesus.”
  • I LOVE MY JOB!!!
  • So, I’m on the staff at First Trinity and they let me lead some ministries and serve with way cool people along the way. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they agree with everything I post here. It’s just my opinion. Consider yourself warned! 🙂
  • The thing I love about blogging is it is not a one-way conversation! So, let’s hear from you…hope you’ll leave some comments and we’ll continue on the journey together!

27 Comments Add yours

  1. Moose says:

    Great, we like the Blog and will make use of it.
    Love the class!!
    Moose & June

  2. sweetsoup says:

    Moose and June–Thanks for visiting the blog…you have to be two of the coolest senior citizens I know!! I love having you in the class.

  3. Cindy Conwell says:

    Sue, cool blog! (I love that word)
    Enjoyed the class in Faith. More room
    and the lighting was “eye friendly”.
    Love your enthusiasm!

  4. sweetsoup says:

    Cindy- Thanks so much for the comment! I’m glad you liked the class in Faith. I totally agree about the space down there–I also like the round tables because I think they’re good for discussion and connections. I think it’s interesting you thought the lighting was better. I wonder if anyone else did?

  5. Darcy F says:

    I love any excuse to het into the mind and heart of Sue Steege! Bring it on!

  6. sweetsoup says:

    Thanks for posting, Darce–hope you’re having a great day!!

  7. Mr. P says:

    You’re cool! This blog rocks. I’ll be back for more.

  8. sweetsoup says:

    Thanks, Mr. P. I love having you–come back anytime!!

  9. Donna says:

    Just checked out the blog and it looks great! Nice resource! Have a great day and Merry Christmas!

  10. sweetsoup says:

    Hey, Donna! great to hear from you!! Have a great Christmas with those you love!!

  11. Heather says:

    Sue, Great blog. Thanks so much for all of your support with the preschool program.

  12. sweetsoup says:

    Heather–my PLEASURE to support the preschool. You guys just do a fantastic job!

  13. Pete Broemel says:

    Hi Sue! (…I feel like I’m interrupting a conversation!)

    I’m probably not at the correct area to contact you, but I’m looking for a Mr. Paul Gerlach (who it seems takes great pictures here). I went to school in the Bronx, at Grace Lutheran School in 1964-1965. We had a wonderful teacher named Mr Gerlach. If he would not mind saying hello to me through my email tgear3@yahoo.com that would be terrific!
    Sorry for posting this here. And if it’s a different Mr Gerlach, well I’m sure he’s wonderful too! Lol!
    Thanks , Pete God Bless!

  14. sweetsoup says:

    I know the Paul Gerlach you’re talking about and it’s not the same guy. To make things even funnier, our Paul Gerlach has a wife named “Lynn” and the teacher you’re talking about has a wife named “Linda”. Funny world!

    Thanks for visiting the blog–how did you find it?

  15. Paul Gerlach says:

    My wife Linda saw the blog from Pete Broemel. He WAS a student in my fifth grade class at Grace Lutheran School in the Bronx. That school is now closed. I guess I am a jinx to Lutheran Schools, since THREE of the five Lutheran schools at which I taught are now closed due to low enrollments.
    I really am curious how Pete got the name “Paul Gerlach” on your website. What a coincidence that he would contact you at First Trinity when I live about 4 miles away in North Tonawanda.


  16. Marina says:

    I love the sign language class, grate job.
    Keep on doing your best and the lord will do the rest.
    Could you put some songs on your blog in ASl of course.
    First one “I NEED YOU TO SURVIVE”. By Pastor H. Walker

  17. sweetsoup says:

    Pastor Walker, I got the sign language video off of YouTube…maybe there’s some songs there, too!

  18. faye martin says:

    i love the video on the sign of language on the lord prayer how can i buy that video?

  19. drew says:

    Hi Sue, i was reading your blog and I came across your entry about the Helping Hands employee who helped you that day. I am a helping hands coordinator for Wegmans and I was curious as to which your you were shopping at that day. The picture you posted was great and I would like to put one of those buckets in my store.

    1. sweetsoup says:

      Hi, Drew–
      Thanks for visiting the blog. I am a Wegman’s fan!! I shop at the Alberta Dr. store in Amherst, NY, but I think I got the picture of the internet–did a Google image search for Wegman’s umbrella’s or something like that.

  20. Lynn Gorey says:

    Sue…I am Dale Jaenecke’s sister in Chicago. I wanted to thank you for posting as often as you could from Haiti. Not knowing is the worst and we would have all been more of a wreck than what we were if it hadn’t been for your postings. You are an angel and were a lifeline for the families looking for information on how you guys were and if you were safe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  21. mickey vertino says:

    hi sue its so good to here that you and the rest of the Haiti group are safe.its sad that something this had to happen, but i do think it’s going to be for the good.now the world will become aware. peace be with you all ways. love ya, mickey

  22. Diane Taddie says:

    Sue , great for me to be able to read all about your time in Haiti. I have been with you in spirit from the start of the quake and there until you reached home. Prays from the south were given in your teams behalf and I wanted to say your strength and love of Jesus and mankind is remarkable and gives so many others that you don’t even know strength and hope. love diane

  23. Tricia Major says:

    I was in Les Cayes last month. Our group ran a two day medical clinic as well as putting in a gravel road for the orphange. I would love to talk to you about the clinic. You can email me at Tricia911@aol.com


  24. Sue Steege says:

    Hi Sue,
    My sister-in-law just found your blog and thought that it was a funny thing that you should have the same name as me. What is even more cool is that it appears that we both love the Lord Jesus Christ and desire to serve him. God bless you and your ministry.

    1. sweetsoup says:

      WOW–that is wild. Never met another Sue Steege before. 🙂 Where do you live?

      1. Sue Steege says:

        I live about an hour north of Philadelphia in Bucks County. It looks like you do a bit of blogging for both this position and for another – can’t remember the name – organization where you are president. Thanks for posting the books that you are reading, I am checking them out.

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