Haiti Photos

Got my pictures uploaded! If you’d like to see all 188: Haiti Mission 2009 If you want to see my Top Ten: Haiti 2009 Top Ten Photos

Haiti, Here We Come!!

The First Trinity 2009 Haiti Mission Team is heading out tomorrow. Most of the team will go in the morning. Us church-worker types  (and relatives) will be at church and leave later in the day.  Here’s some fun facts about the team, the trip and how you can keep up with what God is doing…

O Dear Haiti

My heart is heavy tonight with worry about Haiti and those people there that I know and love. It feels like that little country just has one bad thing after another come its way. Gustav and Hanna and Ike is on the way (with Josephine right behind). The land is deforested, so the rain just…


Friends- Today’s the day to vote for Nora Leon as America’s Favorite Mom. For the whole story, see this blog post. If you already know the story or don’t care about the story, and want to get straight to voting, click the link below and vote between 9am and 9pm today (up to 10 times)….

Tuesday morning in Buffalo

It’s 1:00am and I am sitting in my own living room, headed soon to my own bed. Grateful. The journey home was mostly just L.O.N.G. Ironically, all of our travels in Haiti (the third world country, remember) were completely smooth and without struggle. The Tortug Air Shuttle picked us up at the orphanage compound at…