PandaMania Day Four: God loves you no matter what!

It was super fun to see the Bible Adventures groups sneaking around the building to stay away from the Roman guards. Bekah and Jill did a great job of playing it out. I wish each reader of this blog could see PandaMania Director Tracy Bramwell in action. She is one amazing leader. I will miss…

PandaMania Day Three Photos

These photographs were taken on Wednesday July 14, 2011 by our awesome photographer Paul Gerlach. God watches over you!! PandaMania Day Three

PandaMania Day One Photos

Our awesome photographer, Paul Gerlach took these shots on Monday July 11 at PandaMania. Enjoy! PandaMania Day One

PandaMania Day One: God made you!

Welcome, parents and other Vacation Bible School friends…I will be posting everyday here some highlights about PandaMania. Come back each day or subscribe. Hopefully I’ll post pictures, too. It was the least craziest Monday of VBS that I can remember. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t crazy. Just not AS crazy. I was touched and overwhelmed with…