Here comes the sun!

The Beatles are singing in my head this morning: “Here comes the sun…dootin’ doot doot dooo…” can you hear them, too? God is also singing in my head this morning: See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? (Is. 43:19) Can you hear Him, too? BRING ON…

Sunday Night Mind Dump

After my post yesterday about Spring coming to First Trinity, I had to laugh when I got up this morning and it was snowing! I was greeting people in the main entrance before the Education Hour (10am) and when one family came in she said her two year old shouts with excitement when he sees…

Moose, Mulch & Daffodils

Signs of Spring at First Trinity: Moose Moosmann was at church all day spreading mulch around The daffodils are up and beautiful!

Spring Forward!

Hey–don’t forget to turn your clocks forward tonight. That way you won’t show up to worship God tomorrow with only He and you in the room. 🙂